Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Full Day

What a nice day we had today. Mollie put in some much needed time towards her required 50 hours of driving time before going for her drivers license, and Tess worked at the library...her third and final year...for the summer reading program.
Tess Volunteering at Library
We ran into a few fellow homeschoolers, which made for a very productive meeting. Tess managed to find herself two new piano students (bringing her total now to six!), and Mollie connected with a new harp teacher, something she has been looking for since parting with Elizabeth, her former harp teacher.
Mollie Getting Her Driving Hours In
We also ran into a Mom from our old 4-H group, who is now homeschooling her son, partially as a result of a talk or two with her years ago during some of the 4-H meetings! Glad that our words and example helped her make this important decision.

Tess and I worked on a secret project....details will follow....not sure when, but hopefully before summer's end.

And the girls and I began our Gidget Tuesdays....which hopefully will ease our withdrawal from our former Gilmore Girls Tuesdays. We are in deep mourning over the cancellation of our beloved GG's....sigh....

This, our first Gidget Tuesday, will include a snack of delicious, chocolaty S'mores...Tess's choice for this weeks viewing of a fun old television show.
Nice end of the evening surprise. Christopher asked the girls to head over to Olympic Park to play a little basketball. It's nice to have a big brother who likes to hang out with you isn't it? Life can be so, so good at times.
Christopher and Mollie at Play