Sunday, June 10, 2007

2007 Pool-A-Rama!!!!

Setting up our pool is pretty much a team effort. We have done this for so many years now that we are getting pretty good at it!

First the ground is leveled.....
First Step...Level the Ground
Everyone pitches in to assemble the pool....
Assembling the Pool
Next, Mollie & Tess get the wrinkles out of the bottom. Not a bad job keeping your feet cool in the hot summer sun...
Getting Out the Wrinkles
Max is in charge of filling the pool, and with our plumbing, this is no easy task. A 140 year old house tends to have slow plumbing....
Endless Task...Filling the Pool
Mollie and Dad love working with their hands, they handled putting the pool ladder together...
Mollie and Dad Handy As Always
Every job needs a foreman, Christopher handles this task so, so well....
A job well done!
Ready for Swimmers
End Result? Joy for Mermaid Tess, and a chance to relax and read for Bill.
End Result...Joy
Time to Relax & Read