Friday, June 8, 2007

Thrifting & Dance Recital Adventures

Thrifting scores abound today! We went to the annual Buddy Foundation Garage Sale and found some great items at terrific prices.
Buddy Foundation Garage Sale
My finds were few but delightful, and cost a mere $4.50...yes, that is yet another apron...and yes, I know that I have a problem...I'm nearing the 160 mark with my apron collection...
Thrift Scores
But is was the girls who scored big time at the sale. They found tons of great clothes...shirts, pants, jammie pants, for a grand total of $14.00.
Girls at Buddy Sale
This is an example of their frugal shopping. Both outfits...lounging outfits that is...cost them a total of $3.00. Good shopping and cool outfits, a nice combination.
Cool Look for $1.50 Each
We also drove up to Round Lake Park District tonight for the annual Studio of Dance recital. Melissa, Christopher's girlfriend, is a dance teacher for their studio. It is nice to journey to share in the work she has been doing all year long. It was a lovely surprise to see her wearing a vintage 1950's dress we gave her for her birthday years ago. She still looks so sweet in it.
Melissa Recital Night
It was a special night for yet another reason. Melissa choreographed one of her ballet numbers to music written and performed by our dear friends, and multi-talented musicians Will and Robin Kramer. It was wonderful hearing their haunting song "Ten Years" and seeing it put to a beautiful dance by our oh so talented Melissa. A very lovely night.
Robin and Melissa