Friday, June 22, 2007

Gardening & More of Tess's Photos

We have spent the past two days doing little more than working on trimming our shrubs, thinning our perennials and untangling our fruit trees from the neighbors overgrown honeysuckle bushes. It feels like we haven't even made a dent in the work. The more we do, the more we see needs doing. Thank goodness for helpers like Tess.
Tess at Work
The only other thing to add is that tomorrow is Tess's 14th birthday. Actually, she turns 14 just after midnight tonight. I know it has been said a million times by millions of mothers, but it only seems like yesterday that she came into this world. More on her special day tomorrow. For now....more of her lovely photography....
Oragne Delight
Beautiful Bird
Purple Petunia