Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Photos & Tess's First Concert

It's been a slow and quiet day today. I think we were all revving up for Tess's debut performance in the Arlington Height Community Concert Band which took place this evening.

Max (17 until September) and the girls spent some time this morning going through some of our photo albums.
Max and Tess with Photos
While Mollie read the latest entries in our blog.
Mollie Viewing Blog
We have one separate album for each child, as well as albums for groups or classes they have attended, a separate album for Christmas, and albums of friends who have come and gone in our lives...I think we even have one for birthdays, complete with some of the cakes I have made over the years.

Sometimes I look at these cakes (which I will eventually scan into this blog) and wonder how I had the time, energy or imagination for those creations. That might just be the point of keeping photo albums...and more recently blogs. Maybe they are a reminder of all that we did at times when we thought we weren't doing enough.

I used to write articles for various homeschool newsletters, journals, etc. Every now and then while going through stacks of papers, or long forgotten floppy disks, I begin to read responses to new homeschoolers questions and concerns and think, that woman sounds so wise, so sure of herself, so comforting. And then it dawns on me...that woman is me. I am startled each and every time this happens.

It's as though our everyday living doesn't impress us much as we stroll unknowing through our days. But somehow, seeing life through the written word gives our days more meaning, more weight. I am forever astonished by this phenomenon.

Our great joy this evening was sitting among the shady trees in North School Park while listening to Tess play flute in the community band. The music was lovely, the weather calm, and the chocolate chip cookies delicious. Tess has four more outdoor concerts this summer and we plan on attending all. Life is good.
Tess at Concert