Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Can't Believe I Forgot My Camera!!!!!!!!!

I am falling down on the job. I, who have become physically attached to my camera since the beginning of June, forgot to bring my camera with me today. Today! On a day of some of the most beautiful music heard in a long time.....I don't know what I was thinking...or not thinking.

Bill, Mollie, Tess and myself attended a wonderful harp/clarinet concert this afternoon at the Indian Trails Public Library. Performing were Annette and Kurt Bjorling, "Duo Controverso".
Harp Concert
The program was presented by the Chicago YIVO Society, a group which educates and entertains audiences in Yiddish culture. We had no idea that the focus of the music would be Jewish folk music and we were delighted at hearing these complex, beautiful traditional songs.

Bill even managed to spend some time talking with Kurt, the clarinetist, gathering musical insights about playing the clarinet. Kurt seemed impressed that Bill is learning clarinet without the aid of a teacher. We are too.
Proud of Dad-O

I surprised everyone on the way home by taking them to Dairy Queen for an ice cream treat to top off the afternoon.
DQ Dip Cone
Feeling invigorated after this lively music and delicious ice cream, we began to work on the side of the garage. Lack of natural light was making it nearly impossible to grow anything in this spot...if hosta can't grow, then you know you have low light!
Droopy Hosta
So we dug out the few plants there, transplanted them elsewhere, put down some plastic and began to fill in the space with stones. sometimes happens...we discovered we woefully underestimated the number of bags of stones we needed, and yet another trip to Menard's was in the works.

Went to Menard's, got the stones, and then the rains came......
After the Rain by Christopher this isn't a photo of today's rain...but it IS a photo of another rain storm and I so, so love this photo that Christopher had taken that I used a sort of photographic poetic license here....

At any rate, it rained, we waited out the rain, went back to work, and here is the finished product.
Stones by Garage
Now to find some black iron architectural elements for the garage wall, and I think we will call this project done.