Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It Took a Long Time But.....

.....we finally made it to the Rolling Meadows Historical Society's 1950's House, and it was well worth the wait. I don't think I have ever been to a hands on museum that made such an impact on me.
1950's Kitchen
Not only did it present the culture, sense and feel of living in this suburban home during the 1950's, it also provided invaluable information about the town, it's visionaries, as well as a clear picture of this part of the country during the post WWII years. A very, very well done museum to say the least.
1950's Kitchen Set for Dinner
Chenille Bedspread & Hats
1950's Bedroom
We topped off this terrific morning with a trip to Photo's for hot dogs....thanks to a few well used buy one get one coupons, lunch for four was under $5.00!
Hot Dogs at Photos
Okay, so we blew it at Ben & Jerry's. Next time we...meaning I..should read the buy one get one coupons a little closer. Seems we had to buy gigantic ice creams for this to kick in. Good thing I have a consumer survey to go to tomorrow to make up the difference! But the ice cream was good....
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's