Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swimming, Boo boo's, and Mad Science

Mollie and Tess...who I should note, are 15 and soon to be 14 respectively, had a visit today from their friend and fellow Vaudevillian Carolyn. They began their day with a trip to Ashbey's, a new ice cream shop in town.
On the Way for Ice Cream
After a warm walk home, they spent some time in the pool....
Lounging Mollie
Pool Time
Out of the Pool
An al fresco dinner, and a quick soccer game followed.....
Quick Soccer Game
....with a minor injury to Tess's foot....Mollie was quick to take care of her.
Soccer Injury
Such a lovely photograph of Tess. She is so pretty.
Portrait of Tess

And last but not least..Christopher (now 22) bought a glow stick and poured out its contents in order to measure its volume for a future experiment. I love how his bordering on mad scientist mind works. I can't wait to see what he does with the 50 glow sticks he is ordering. Amazing....
Christopher - Mad Scientist