Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Weekend Happenings

Tess and Mollie, along with a new friend, Hannah, had a nice afternoon walking around Randhurst Mall, while Bill, Christopher and I shopped for pool chemicals at Walmart, looked for, but didn't find, lumber supplies at Home Depot and shopped a bit at Costco..where, again, we didn't find what we needed.
Tess, Hannah & Mollie
When we went to pick up the girls, (who, by the way, made a double trip to the Long Grove Confectionery while there), we stopped for a delicious Kiwi Lemonade at Charley's Steakery. I already found a recipe online from Family Fun Magazine, that I think we can try this week.
Charley's Steakery
Girls at Long Grove Confectionery
The girls followed up with an evening of babysitting their favorite babysitting client, the lovely Lindsay. Next time they babysit there I hope they will shoot a video of Lindsay's bird. I hear he is a pretty remarkable, chatty little guy.
Girls off to Babysit Lindsay
Also, went to the library to pick up Tess, who again was volunteering at the reading table, and grabbed some great books. List to follow soon...