Friday, June 29, 2007

Thrifting and Other Delights

Friday is usually the day that Bill and I (and if we are lucky, the girls) venture out to local estate sales and the occasional garage sale. Bill looks for tools and I look for aprons, sewing things and pretty much anything that looks cool and seems that no one else really wants. We are both into great graphics and often will buy an item not for the contents of the box, rather for the box itself.

Like this.....
Shoe Shine

Today was a nice thrifting day. We went to a garage sale in a neighboring town where Bill bought a jigsaw, the girls a few pieces of jewelry, a few vintage fans for me....
New Fans
But very best of all we spent some time with the homeowners who were running the garage sale. We found that we shared a love of tools, the warm weather of Florida, gardening and have dabbled in selling on eBay.

Sometimes I think that this is the very best part of attending estate and garage sales. Not so much the fun things you come across, rather the interesting and kind people that you meet. Here is a photo of one such person...she was a sweetheart....
Lovely Garage Sale Friend
And on we went to a church sale in yet another town. This one was advertised as enormous, and though it was big, the enormity was more in terms of clothing than in the cool, unusual things we usually look for at sales. The girls had a ball thought. Clothes were $.50 and $1.00. They managed to pick up a few things here and there.
Tess at St. Anne's Sale
Mollie at St. Anne's Sale
We ended up tired and hungry at Portillo's for lunch.
Lunch Out
The food is good, the noise level, but I'm glad I don't do this often.