Saturday, May 31, 2008

CHAMPs Spring Concert

Lots of terrific, talented homeschoolers in this years annual Spring Concert.

Mollie and Tess played with the orchestra, with Tess on flute....
Tess before Champs Concert
Tess on Flute

....and Mollie on harp and flute....
Tess and Mollie on Flutes
Mollie on Harp

CHAMPs Orchestra conductor, Dan Nagel....
Mr. Nagel

Tess also played Eric Clapton's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" with her guitar teacher, the talented Fergal King....
Tess and Fergal
Tess and Ferga2l

The evenings performers included both intermediate and advanced jazz band....
Jazz Band

....songs performed by members of the French classes....
French Class

....a sign language class performing both a spoken fable and a song....
Sign Language Class

....lastly, a student art show in the lobby during intermission....
Art Show

Well done CHAMPS members!

Memorial Day Parade & Cookout

Lots of photo opportunities on this wonderful day....
Porch Bunting

First the parade, made special by Tess and Bill playing with the Arlington Heights Community Concert Band....
Tess on Parade Float
Tess on Float
Bill on Parade Float
Library Friend
Parade Cheerleaders

Followed by a day of masterful grilling, and good food....
Grilling Bill
Memorial Day Dinner
Dinner on Memorial Day
After Dinner
Mollie on Memorial Day

And topped off by relaxing and sharing family and friends on this peaceful, quiet day....
Back from Disneyland
Mollie on Deck
Mollie and Robin

Friday, May 30, 2008

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" - Volunteer Ushers

We were lucky enough to volunteer as ushers for this past Sunday's amazing performance of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Once again CYT has outdone all of their previously stunning shows. The performers, costumes, sets, and music were fabulous.

The girls and I would love to usher again for their next production. We were able to see the play at no charge, work with terrific people from our homeschool arts and music program, and feel useful in the process! Overall, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon....
Mollie & Tess - Joseph Ushers
Joseph Finale

Friday, May 23, 2008

Nearly Forgot to Add This Special Gift....

....from Tess to me on Mother's Day. I couldn't have asked for a better photo collage for my office....many thanks my Tess....
Tess Made This for Me

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yet Another Milestone - Mollie's Drivers License

It's hard to believe that Mollie is ready to take another giant step towards independence. She passed her driving test and off she proud of herself as I am of her...all the best Mollie!

Newly minted license with congratulations banner from Tess and Bill....
Mollie's License

And now it's time to venture out with Tess for a little thrift shopping and a fast food stop....
New Beginnings
First Trip
Bill Trying to Let Go
First Time Drive-Thru

Mother's Day - A Belated Posting

This was my Mother's near, enjoying each others basic needs, simple and few in number, have been met.

Many thanks for a lovely day to Bill, Christopher, Max, Mollie, Tess and Melissa. You are all the very best.

Flowers from Melissa
Mollie and CK on Porch
Candy from Max
Kites with CK and Tess
Kites with CK and Tess2
Kites with CK and Bill
Kites with Bill
Mollie on Harp
Favorite Spot for Talking
Impromptu Concert
Max on Guitar

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 3 - Springfield Trip - Maid - Rite Shop

We got a late start today. After another hearty breakfast, we lounged around, watching last nights primary election results. By the time we packed our bags and headed out, lunchtime was fast approaching.

I had read about a lunch spot in Springfield which we were eager to visit. If you have ever watched the old "Rosanne" shows, they spoke of "loose meat" sandwich shops. Maid-Rite, established back in 1924, is just such a place.
Maid Rite Sign

It is touted as the nations very first drive-thru and is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Maid Rite
Maid Rite Interior

Their loose meat sandwiches are much like sloppy joes without the tangy sauce, their french fries were excellent, but it was their renown homemade root beer that was worth the drive.
Maid Rite Meal

I am not a root beer fan myself, but this drink could easily win me over. The drink was low on carbonation, high on flavor, and as smooth as silk. I'm so glad we had the chance to visit Springfield's Maid-Rite on this trip.