Saturday, July 14, 2007

Woody....and Casey too.....

Let it be known. I am not a big dog person. I lived in apartments from birth till my early 30's, and the closest I came to owning a pet was an adopted parakeet named Frisky, a few fish in a aquarium I never seemed to warm up to, and a tiny...though now illegal because of salmonella...turtle in a plastic bowl complete with a green plastic palm tree.

Added to that, when I was a little person, Nana's dog...with the oh-so-sweet name of Bon Bon, jumped up on me, leaving me terrified of big dogs with falsely comforting, charming names who reminded me of a raving Tasmanian Devil .

Add to that, yes there's more, rashes that come and go on my face like a big red beard from animal dander and the like....not a big dog person.

And then along came...sigh...the nicest dog in the universe...Woody....sigh...who came visiting on our front porch today....
Casey & Woody

Woody's owner is equally delightful, and named Casey...lest we forget. It is difficult to describe what it is that makes Woody the nicest dog in the world. He is gentle, and quiet, and remarkably calm. Casey rescued Woody from an abusive home and treats him with great love and gentle care.

Still, you can easily see the pain and sadness this lovely dog must have experienced before this nice man saved him. Sitting near, he gently places his great head in your lap as if he is still looking for love, or protection, or a gentle hand on his back.

Woody is a dog that just might make me forget about Bon Bon.