Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Twin Lakes in Palatine and A Package at Our Door!

Bill, the girls and I spent a relaxing day at Twin lakes Recreational Area in Palatine today. We had been planning this for some time now...in fact, since we attended a Banjo Buddies outdoor concert a few years ago...yes, I said years.

Why is it we take so long to do certain things in our lives, while others are accomplished at lightening speed? Yet another life mystery to add to my ever expanding list.

Here are my lovely girls at Twin Lakes.....
Twin Lakes Palatine

The girls played volleyball until the hot, hot sand was too much for their poor feet. They took lots of photos (to follow of course), took a walk, talked together, and simply took in the beautiful surroundings.

Bill and I read....big surprise....
Waiting for the Girls

When the heat got to be a bit too much, we headed back to the van, stopping first for a little ice cream. Max pointed out that we have been having "a whole lot" of ice cream this summer. Yep, the guy is observant all right...maybe a little too observant.....
Ice Cream Break

As Bill and the girls enjoyed their snack, I realized that there were paddle boats, canoes, and fishing boats available for rent. The girls checked the rental prices at the boat house, perhaps for our next trip to the lake? They came back with a rental price of only $7.00!

Guess what happened next????
Twin lakes Paddleboats
Fun on Twin Lakes

I love it when I can make people this happy for just $7.00...
After the Ride

Once home, the happiness continued. We found a mysterious package waiting at our back door!

Inside the girls found a bonanza of cool clothes, compliments of Robin's equally cool daughter, Nora. The girls had a ball divvying up all of these great pieces.
New Clothes From Nora
Thanks so much Nora!!!!!!! The girls have worn just about everything so far this week and look terrific.

Yet another outstanding summer day.