Monday, July 2, 2007

Errands, Lunch, and New Digs for the Birds...

Monday's always seem to be about grocery shopping in our house.
Today was no exception....
Garden Fresh

A phone call to Christopher at the library...regarding a computer question...led to an unplanned meeting at Subway for a quick sandwich, some interesting talk, and a nice break in my day spent with someone whose company I enjoy.

Tess, even as a little girl, has always been a very hard worker. This afternoon she did a whirlwind cleaning of her room, and even ventured up to the attic for a different bird cage for our three beautiful Budgies. Their new cage is a little larger, each with their own perch. They all seem very happy in their new digs.

Old home.....
Old Cage
New home....decorated for the 4th of July...
New Digs
Happy, content birds...
Happy Birds

Well done Tess!
Tess with Birds