Tuesday, July 3, 2007


What is this strange object?
$1 Thrifting Find
It is one of our best thrifting finds. It is a $1.00 Garage Parking Sensor. It works like a traffic light, indicating the usual green for go, red for stop, and yellow for Wow! You are getting awfully close to the wall!

On either side there are two full length mirrors for checking weight training workouts, dance moves, etc. Cool right? Potentially, yes. In reality, no. The glare from the car lights while pulling into the garage is blinding!!!!
Blinded by the Light
Does this deter us? No way...

Remember the pool canopy we made in June from thrifted fabric?
To Work On 037
This is where the Abracadabra!! comes in. I repurposed the canopy fabric and made curtains to cover the mirrors when not in use and Viola! the blinding glare is gone.
What's Behind the Curtain?
And Viola! again....the mirrors are back! Fun huh?
TA DA!!!