Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Pursuits....

With the temperature nearing 95 these past two days, we have been laying low except for hitting one very interesting Estate Sale, reading voraciously, and doing each others nails...thanks to manicurist Mollie.
Manicure From Mollie to Tess
French Manicure
Notice the tiny, tiny manicure kit? Found at the Estate Sale for 25 cents.
Tiny Manicure Kit
We found a few other nice thrifted items...a Cocktail Shaker complete with recipes and ingredient needed a mere spin away...weighs a TON and for only $ glass drink stirrers at 15 for $1.00...
Cocktail Shaker with Recipes
Some very nice carving tools for Bill's woodworking...
Carving Tools
A box of ceramic kitchen cabinet knobs for only $3.00. We are going to replace out cabinet knobs and need 38 knobs. This box held 39 knobs....kismet or what????
Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
A much desired paper cutter for our crafts area....
New Photos 014
And a few patterns and transfers to round out the day.
A Few Patterns

Our previously mentioned neighbor, Florie, had given Tess a "little something" for her Back Place (the girls secret garden) for last years birthday. He suffered a little damage from the lawn mower, and today he returned, repaired and looking as lovely as ever. Of course, Tess captured his return...
Present from Florie
This, by the way, is a part of their Back Place...
Girls Back Place

And to top off the evening, the girls, along with friend Margaret, took a walk over to North School Park where they could hear the nearby Frontier Days Festival concert without having to deal with the crowds. The night's performer was Rick Springfield of "Jessies's Girl" fame...
Rick Springfield
Ending the evenings festivities...cooling McDonald's M&M McFlurrys for all.