Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I woke up this morning knowing that I have been pretending not to notice that our kitchen windows needed washing....badly.. I hate washing these windows. They are on my most hated jobs list.

The windows are old, and though there are only three windows in the bay, between the storm windows, the screens, the upper and lower sashes...there are 30 sides to clean, so I pretend not to notice the dirt. Today I stopped pretending and went to work.
Windows During
As I began the first window, Bill walked into the kitchen armed with tools and screening to replace our much loved kitchen screen door. I hadn't a clue that this was his plan for the day, just as he had none about mine. So there we worked...together... yet separate in our own pursuits.
New Photos 003
This so defines our lives together. Something keeps us together, yet separate since our very beginnings. It is what Carl Jung calls synchronicity...that strange but fascinating happenstance of events that are related but somehow but not easily explained. I suppose it is much like finishing each others sentences, thinking similar thoughts at a similar moment. I like that about us. I wonder how people live without it.

And so we worked.....one screen door like new....
Screen Door Finiahed
And a kitchen bay window that lets the sun shine in once again....
New Photos 008
Then...a quick run to Ace Hardware for supplies...with Bill in his element...doesn't he look happy??
Bill in his element
A quick run to the eye doctor to adjust Max's new glasses...
New Photos 018
Picked up a new cuttle bone for the birds at Petsmart...stopped to visit the Budgies while we were there...they are so, so pretty....
Petsmart Birds
And a stop at Panera for TWO free loaves of bread. How great is that????
Free Panera Bread!