Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tear Downs...

One of my favorite bloggers, Barb at Woof Nanny has some very wise words to say regarding the sad reality of my old house being torn down to make way for yet another megachurch addition. Read comment

Our home today, saved from potential teardow, brought back to life with love and patience...
Our House by Christopher

I am tired and frustrated to STILL see so many chain link fences going up around the older homes in town...a sure first sign of being days away from a suddenly very vacant lot...I look at these homes and see potential. I see what they can be. I see how beautiful they are in their size and simplicity. I suppose I see something of their history about to be forgotten.

I wish I could come along and swoop them up and save them. There is a business, once located in Arlington Heights but now relocated to Elk Grove. called Island Girl Salvage who go into tear downs and save architectural elements and useful items. Unfortunately the prices are on the high side, so keeping a part of the past of these houses isn't always possible or affordable.

You would think that with the current real estate market slow down that is going on, people might think of buying smaller homes, making them lovely, and living a very nice life in them. Instead the starter homes are vanishing and being replaced by starter mansions. I always wonder....who the heck has the time or energy to keep those huge places clean? Rant over.