Sunday, July 29, 2007

Engineer to Artist.. ...of course......

When I met the love of my life nearly 24 years ago he worked as an engineer, and he was very good at it. We eventually formed our own consulting engineering firm, which ran successfully for 17 years.

Throughout this time I knew that Bill was good with his hands. I knew that he could fix anything put before him. I knew that he was a good problem solver. Yet I also knew that there was something more about him, something powerful and creative waiting to come forth.

And come forth it has. Bill does extraordinary woodworking, specifically turning to follow soon....but as it happens he is also a wonder in creating beautiful, unique jewelry utilizing techniques such as enameling, working with silver and those skills and talents he has yet to reveal!

Here are a few of the lovely pieces that he has recently gifted to the girls and myself....graciously modeled by the lovely Mollie.....

Jewelry - Turquoise Earrings
Jewelry - Turquoise Earrings Detail
Jewelry - Leaf Earrings
Jewelry - Leaf Earrings Detail
Jewelry - Newest Earrings #1
Jewelry - Newest Earrings Detail
Jewelry - Earrings #1
Jewelry - Earrings #1 Detail
Jewelry - Earrings #2 Detail
Jewelry - Earrings #2
Jewelry - Earrings #3
Jewelry - Enameled Ring
Jewelry - Enameled Ring Detail
Jewelry - Pendant
Jewelry - Pin

Bill and Mollie are planning on enrolling in a pottery class this fall at Harper College. I can only imagine what wonders will follow,,,,,,