Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Movie Time Again!

With the weather finally cooperating, it was time to gather up our snacks, ready a movie, and have yet another terrific "Movie Under the Stars" on our deck.

This time, with film preparations by Christopher, Christopher Prepares Our Movies

...our film short was Out of This World....with our main feature Mystery Science Theater 3000's "Space Mutiny", truly some of the best/worst movie making known to man.

We, of course, armed ourselves with lots of movie candy....Movie Candy
Candy Makes Bill Happy

Made vats of popcorn....
Popcorn Ingredients
Making Popcorn
Ready at Last
Filling the Popcorn Bags
Popcorn's Ready

....listened to Max play guitar while things were being set up.....
Max with Guitar

....a beautiful photo of the evening sky, captured by Tess, before our movie began.

Just lovely.
Night Sky