Friday, July 27, 2007

Capannari's Ice Cream, a Butterfly Garden, and a Much Loved New Book...

We made a stop at Capannari's Ice Cream in Mount Prospect (hopefully the first of many visits this season) where you are always certain to find excellent ice cream, as well as a visit to a beautiful butterfly garden.

Capannaris Ice Cream Shop
Inside Capannaris

Alas, there was no Mango Ice Cream this week (unbelievably good, fresh, refreshing...I could go on and on...) but I did try a brand new flavor, Pomegranate! It was sweet, creamy, fruity, just marvelous. But Mango still holds the number one place in my heart. Maybe next week?

Outside Capannaris
Mollie at Capannaris

We have been watching the growth of Capannari's lush Butterfly Garden for several years now, and this year proves to be a stellar one for those plants chosen to attract large varieties of butterflies. It was absolutely lovely.

Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden Flowers
Butterfly Garden Flowers

We even got a peek at the garden's baby bunny sunning himself....

Bunny in the Butterfly Garden

An oasis of beauty provided by the nice people of Mount Prospect, being enjoyed by two of my very favorite guys.

Two of My Favorite Guys

Lastly, a quick stop at Borders Book Store. Tess finally was able to use her birthday gift card from Aunt Rose..And what did she choose?

After a little browsing...the winner is.....

Borders Discount Books

...."A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"....finally a copy of her very own.

Tess with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn