Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mollie's Day....16 Years Old Now!!!!!!!

Tess surprised Mollie by decorating their room for Mollie's birthday.

Tess Surprises Mollie

Nice Way to Wake Up

Mollie requested, and received, a Mashed Potato Feast for her birthday this year. We made all sorts of white and sweet potatoes along with accompaniments. It was lots of fun to prepare.

Mashed Potato Feast

Gifts followed.....

From Max


New Shuffle

Cassette Adapter

Fluffy Slippers

From Melissa

We like to attend a Schaumburg Flyers Baseball game every year at this time. A late season night game is always fun, relaxing and fairly quiet with most schools back in session...yet another perk of being homeschoolers...we don't operate on a "school year" calendar, so we take advantage of these lovely less crowded opportunities!

Flyers Game

Mollie at Game

Christopher at Game

Ball Park Food

At the Game

After the game....the Flyers lost but we all had fun....we had cake...a HUGE cake, which we had for several days to come. Great day, great birthday in line....Max on September 27th....till then....

Mollie's Cake