Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Into the Woods....An Interesting Experience.......


The rehearsals are history. The performances are but a lingering memory. After a few weeks of planning our evenings around Mollie's participation in this play, it seems as though it all went by so incredibly fast.

There was lots of lifting the harp in and out of the van...65 pounds can seem awfully heavy in the heat of the summer.....but Mollie and Bill are a great team.
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The harp must be tuned each and every time it is moved. Again, Mollie and Bill work together, they have been tuning together since Mollie first began to play. It's a nice tradition between these two.
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Lots of last minute pre-show moments........
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Just before curtain time.....
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After the show.....the orchestra, such talented people....

Two beautiful musicians.....
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Well done Mollie and Robin!!!!!!!!!
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