Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lending a Hand

Bill and the girls and I spent a good part of the past two days helping Melissa get settled in her new apartment which is just a few blocks from our house. We were able to assemble IKEA furniture, hang venetian blinds, etc. so that she could unpack her things, organize this new life and feel a bit more settled when she returns to her job on Monday.

Putting Up Blinds
Helper Tess
Getting There!
Mollie on Red Couch
Put Togethers
We were more than glad to help but a day and a half later....we are painfully aware of how lifting, nailing, assembling, et al, are taking a toll on our aging-even-as-we-speak muscles. I believe we used muscles we forgot we once had!

In the end felt good to know that we could be of help....always a nice feeling.