Monday, August 6, 2007

Russell's is Not in Egypt......

So....we all get into the van, ready for a fun evening out together. Our objective?

Right here......EgyptFest in Palatine

Now we are pretty excited. We have long been fascinated by all things Egyptian. Even planned a trip there some time ago. The flyers for this festival spoke of authentic Egyptian cuisine, artifacts, tours of their Coptic Orthodox church (don't what that means but it sounded cool), and camel rides...okay so we missed the camel rides...they were only on Saturday. We even waited for Christopher and Max, who both worked until five at the library.

Yep, we were ready.

We got to the Egyptfest at about 5:30 or so and lo and Egyptfest. Just a bunch of booths being taken down. No food. No artifacts. No tours. And not a camel in sight.

The sign along the road leading to the festival clearly stated that on Sunday the festival ends at 8PM. Perhaps they were talking about 8PM in Egypt. I'd get mad but there was no one to yell at. Sigh.....

So we stopped in a parking lot nearby, and spent the next half hour deciding what to do next. Trying to be democratic, I took a vote on dinner possibilities. It wasn't my finest hour. There we sat, looking awfully suspicious to the police cars lingering nearby, and voted again..and again.

We were beginning to boil in the van....real feel temperature that night was close to we finally decided to drive a few blocks to Russell's Barbecue with some happy voters and some not so happy voters.


At long last we arrived. Not at our planned festival, of course, but at least we could sit together, cool off, and have a nice meal. Obviously the force was not with us this night. We entered Russell's only to find that their air conditioning just wasn't doing its job, and it was nearly as hot inside as it had been out. Does it get any better than this?

So we ordered our food, plying Bill and Christopher with honey beers, ate our meal as fast as we could to get back out into the heat. Went to take a picture of our restaurant stop, only to find that there was no sign saying Russell's in the front of the place...only out near the busy street.

So here it is. A photo that could have been taken on the moon for all you know, no signage, no air conditioning, no authentic Egyptian cuisine...yet we still had fun, we have something to laugh about and in the end...that's not so bad.

Russells for Dinner