Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too Much Fast Food......Way Too Much.....

Mollie's nightly excursions to play rehearsal last week meant that mealtimes were a wee bit off kilter. Or so I thought.....

.....until uploading these photos from Tess's camera. That wee bit was actually an enormous amount (for us anyway) of fast food. No wonder poor Tess is sick this week!

The girl desperately needs some of Mom's home cooking.

She did take some great photos though.....
New Photos 096
New Photos 098
New Photos 099

New Photos 100
New Photos 101

New Photos 124
New Photos 121

New Photos 126
New Photos 123
New Photos 122

New Photos 142

Thanks for the photos Tess, but it's a food week I'd rather not remember. My kingdom for a green salad!!!!!