Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wrapping Up the Summer Months...

We are in the midst of changes, additions, deletions of things we are doing in our lives. We are wrapping up loose ends, making new plans, changing old ones, figuring out what direction to take our lives this fall.

Tess has chosen to establish a blog for her beautiful photography. Nothing posted as yet, but the stage is set. Photography by Tess. She will also continue playing flute with two orchestras, and teach her current piano students.

Mollie is once again teaching harp, begins a new jazz class at McDonald Dance Academy, and will work at amassing the hours needed for her drivers license. She would also like to find a part time job.

Max and Christopher are both still working at our wonderful library AHML, and attending Harper College.

Myself? I have been enjoying writing of our lives this summer. I didn't realize, what was meant to be a chronicle of our summer months, would come to mean so much to my children. So I will press on, for them and for myself as well.

Bill will continue to create his incredible wood turnings, his silver and enameled jewelry, of which we all are fortunate recipients.

We have lots planned for this week. We are heading to Cantigny Park tomorrow for a little museum time, and lots of wandering through their beautiful gardens. Thursday will bring music, both lessons for Tess, and lessons for her students.

Mollie teaches harp on Friday and then....getting ready for this....the girls and I are going for haircuts. I have been growing my hair for some time now to donate to Locks of Love With hair past my waist for months now, I believe I am ready to do so.

Bill, Tess and I have a camera class to attend on Saturday, and Sunday will find us at the Lutheran Home for their annual Fall Festival.

We will upload some photos from the weeks events, but mainly we are wrapping things up.

Our new blog, "This is My Autumn" will begin on Monday. This experience has been truly amazing. Many thanks to Christopher who told me that I could do this.