Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Feel Like a Beatlemaniac...all over again.....

My morning paper lead me to a review of this book....

Wonderful Tonight

I feel like I am back in seventh grade, a new issue of Tiger Beat magazine is on the newsstand, George Harrison's girlfriend Pattie Boyd is on the cover, and I don't get my allowance until next week!!!!!

Back then, I read everything in the known universe about Pattie. Until sixth grade my name was spelled Patti.....George's girlfriend spelled her name Pattie, naturally, I too became a Pattie. I tried to copy her clothes, her makeup, even her pouty look....I thought she was the luckiest, most beautiful girl in the world.

Pattie Boyd

She still fascinates me. Unfortunately, I just checked my library reserve list, and I am number 12 of 12 reserves.'s Tiger Beat all over again.