Friday, September 7, 2007

Locks of Love Donation....

Today was the day. Except for occasionally trimming my bangs, I have not cut my hair since the girls treated me to a haircut and French Braid for my anniversary in November 2005.

I don't cut my hair often, preferring to spend my salon type monies on my kids. Since my hair grows quickly I decided to continue growing for a good cause.

Locks of Love helps children who have suffered hair loss to disease. We had a friend who lost her hair to chemotherapy at the tender age of five. I miss her. I can't bring her back, but here I can help at least one other beautiful child in need.

Today, I donated my mane. It was difficult as I do not do well at the mercy of one standing above me wielding a pair of shears. My apprehension was well founded. Asking for my hair to be cut to a desired length was futile. Apparently the "middle of my back" translated to "the top of my collar" to this mad beautician. Thus, my hair remains in a ponytail until it grows a little bit more.

Here then, are the before and afters of my day......

Out With the Old

No Turning Back

All Gone