Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Week of the Blahs.....

This week has been strange. We all seem tired, droopy, not ready to do much except what we either have to do, or are already scheduled to do. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for our feeling like this, but here we are.

We have taken several photos this week, but honestly are too pooped to upload and post them. Soon....soon....

This week we have done, in no particular order....

Grocery shopping

Flute in homeschool orchestra

Shopped produce market - 20 pounds of fresh Michigan apples @ 39 cents a pound!

Survey (paid) on oatmeal products

Roamed party store, killed time before oatmeal survey

Bill finished up an engineering job he was working on

Gave phone support to fledgling homeschooling mom

Planned, prepared 7 dinners, 6 lunches

Baked an Apple Pie

Shared a bit of pizza and conversation with Robin!

Worked at the library

Gave harp and piano lessons to 4 students

Baked Orange Madeleines

Rehearsed flute with Arlington Heights Community Concert Band

Visited with another homeschool mom, offering a little TLC

Attended a dance class

Sat in porch rocker finishing "Going Gray", nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes, worth it in order to relax and read there

Baked Creamy Cocoa Cheesecake

Looked through photos of Max for project for his 18th birthday next week

Finished reading "The Four Agreements" - "Nineteen Minutes" - "Tender to the Bone"

Gave up halfway through "Why People Believe Weird Things"...too redundant after several chapters...

Christopher and Max went to Harper classes, wrote papers, studied

Rehearsed harp, flute and piano with Robin and Will for upcoming CJ Arthur gig

Visited a bit with friends, Gayle and Jamie, who we love, after rehearsal

Survey (paid) on vanilla milk shakes

Went to lunch (with all of us!), courtesy of free Noodles coupons

Ordered Christmas gift for Mollie, grabbing bargains where I can....

Battled telephone bureaucracy over health insurance for the kids

Searched in vain for Tess's lost iPod shuffle...yes, the one she just paid for herself...

Organized upcoming October bills

Went with girls to Walmart and Payless for shoes and jeans to fit their growing taller and prettier frames....clearance sales on all!

Christopher created another huge photo cut-out, this time of his boss for his 30th birthday

Cleaned out huge recipe box found at Estate Sale, kept a ton of old/new recipes to try out

Had hair french braided by Mollie

Began "What Matters Most", new Luanne Rice book

Girls did some math and weather related work with Bill

Bill re-plated ring for Mollie, much to her delight

Taking care of Bill, our first fall flu casualty poor guy.

Finally, the usual house tidying and laundry.....

Can't think of much else. So, in the end we did do lots of things.

At times, I think that we are not doing much of anything. I then backtrack, make a list of things gone by, and realize that much has happened. Maybe, unless it's exciting or somehow over the top, it doesn't feel like it counts?

I will have to pay attention to this.

Maybe I will figure it out...then again, maybe not.