Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trifecta of Great News!!!!!!

Just so that, in less than stellar times, we remember that good things can and do happen.....recently we have experienced joy, relief and peace from these....

1. Tess auditioned for a flute chair with the Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra for the coming season. Having been with the Schaumburg Youth Concert Orchestra for this past year, it had been her goal to move up to this more challenging orchestra. After one short year with the Concert Orchestra...and with only two possible flute chairs available...she was accepted! We are so happy & proud that her hard work & talent were recognized. We can't wait for their first concert to hear this wonderful group.

Home Sweet Home
2. Christopher & Melissa received sudden & unhappy notice that the lease on their current condo would not be renewed for the coming year. Their landlord decided to sell this property, so the search for a new place to live began for these two. After visiting relatively few potential condos, an acquaintance of Christopher's lead him to an amazingly cool apartment located close to work, to downtown, & to us! It is an apartment I would have loved when I was their age. Great, great luck in this new home!

Good Health
3. We had a recent serious health scare with one of our own. There is little to say about experiencing that long, long wait while a loved one is away being tested for the unknown. We hope for the best & prepare for the worst, and luckily this time the results were good. The all clear was sounded & life continued on...reminding us that life is fragile & not to be taken for granted.

So there it is. Three moments in time, in our time, experienced as a family.

Moving forward.....