Saturday, June 27, 2009

Disney World Trip - Post #4 - Characters and Max

One of the unexpected delights of our "Best Trip Ever" journey to Disney World was meeting & taking photographs with the Disney characters. On previous trips to Disney we never had a chance to do this. Little people waiting patiently in strollers in the hot sun did not lend itself well to such pursuits.

This time however was different. Not only did we have a chance to meet and greet the characters....we had a grown-up Max along to make the experience a total joy. I have long said that when Max smiles, the room fills with light...and these pictures reflect just that light.

The Crystal Palace was a beautiful restaurant filled with good food and visits from Winnie the Pooh and friends....much to Max's obvious delight....
Max & Winnie the Pooh
Max & Winnie the Pooh #2
Max & Piglet
Max & Piglet #2
Max & Eyore

We encountered Captain Hook outside the Pirates of the Caribbean....
Max, Mollie, Tess & Cap. Hook

A quick rest in a comfy chair at Mickey's house....
Max in Mickey's Chair

Heading to the Toontown Railroad we met Snow White...
Max & Snow White

Lastly, on our way out of the park on our last night, we found an area filled with several characters and a chance to take photos with them all!! This was one of the most enjoyable, spontaneous moments of the entire trip.
Max & Mickey
Max & Minnie
Max & Pluto
Max & Donald

More characters photos to follow......