Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Surprise 16th Birthday Party!!! - From Mollie to Tess

Mollie planned, organized and paid for a terrific surprise Sweet 16th Birthday Party for Tess this past Saturday.

Good friends, good music, good food and lots of volleyball, badminton and water balloons filled the evening.

The night was topped off by an outdoor showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean" complete with popcorn, candy and drinks.

Thanks Mollie for making this party a wonderful success!!!!

Badminton #4
Badminton #2
Badminton #3
Grilling #2
Max & Katie
Max at Party
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake #2
Birthday Cake #3
Gifts #2
Gifts #3
Gifts #4
Gifts #5

Tess also has photos on her camera and will post them soon.