Thursday, January 31, 2008

A New Camera....and A Life Lesson....

This is Tess' terrific Fuji camera, bought this past summer.
Tess's New Camera
She bought it with her own money, earned from teaching piano. She recently bought yet another wonderful camera, a Nikon this time, again with her hard earned cash....
Tess' New Nikon
Unbelievably, I am now the proud owner of her Fuji camera. No, I didn't buy it from her.

One evening I found a gift bag on my desk, inside was her amazing Fuji camera, boxed up and looking like new. She had long planned to gift this camera to me once she purchased her Canon. I was without words.

This is the most special gesture ever given me. I tried to offer her money for the camera, but she quickly silenced me by saying..."You have to let me do this for you. I planned it a long time ago. Don't take that away by offering to pay for it". Wow. Point taken.

I have a problem with being given things. I know this. I think that I should be the giver. Offering to pay for the camera, nearly ruined what was a gesture of love and generosity. I stand corrected, and will work on this flaw from this moment on.

Publicly thanking Tess for her marvelous gift, and her lesson in humility is all I can give today. Many, many thanks Tess. I will take beautiful photos, and think of you each time I do.