Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Question Everything.......A New Year Ahead....

Vintage New Year
I've thought endlessly about the coming year. I've thought about how I would change or improve what was 2007. I've thought about moments in the past that I would never repeat, and those I would give my all to repeat over and over again. Clearly, I think way too much.

I don't know what I really want going forward the next 365 days. I read of those planning vast number of goals, listing things they must do, posting can't live without adventures, and none seem to touch on what I am looking for this year.

The one true thing that makes sense to me is this....question everything. Nothing new there. I have been questioning everything around me for as long as I realized who I was as a person....seems as though that happened very early in my life. So I will continue questioning, trying to understand, hoping not to swim so strongly against the flow of life in general. I will not stop trying, I will, perhaps, try a little less...try not have things matter quite so much in the long run.

I have no goal or resolution chart made up. I'm just going to take each day with a bit more ease. Years ago, a friend carried in his wallet a bit of paper on which were written two simple words..."Walk Slowly"....I believe this might be my mantra for the year.

So to those I love, this is where I am heading for the coming year. I would like to feel, for some of the year, as content as I looked in this long ago photograph. Who knows where it all will end up.
Happy New Year All.