Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Is Very Special This Year

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to those I love. I am, as always, grateful for my husband, my children, and my friends who mean the world to me. I am grateful for a warm home, good food, and minor worries in these tough times.

Why then, the Disney-like picture to celebrate this great day? That leads to why this Thanksgiving is so very special....
Thanksgiving 2008

On Mother's Day this past May, Christopher and Melissa took Bill and myself to Starbucks for my annual mocha drink concoction, which I look forward to with great joy. This year though, after sitting down with our delicious drinks, Christopher and Melissa unveiled a much anticipated and greatly planned surprise.

They had made plans to take our family to Disney World for a winter vacation....drum roll please....all expenses paid! Repeat....all expenses the two of them...still shaking my head trying to grasp this unheard of concept.

Not only is the most generous gesture I could have have imagined, but the overwhelming notion that they...who take this trip to Disney World every year by themselves...thought while on their last trip that we, all seven of us, would have a wonderful time together. Astonishing.

In a time where so many young people are rushing to step away from their families, to back off a bit in order to spread their wings, these two incredible people are readily opening up their wings to include and embrace all of us in something so dear to them.

This gives new and indecipherable meaning to "my cup runneth over".

While Christopher and Melissa will be flying, the rest of us will travel by mini-van and meet them in sunny Orlando. I can't wait. Their love, excitement, enthusiasm, and generosity all pave the way for a trip of a lifetime.

Thank you Christopher my wonderful friend/son and Melissa my wonderful friend/daughter for all of this. This gesture is beyond words and dreams.

My love to you both. Happy Thanksgiving.