Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It Was 25 Years Ago Today....

Time gets away from you, the longer I live, the faster it all goes. Twenty-five years ago, on a quiet fall day, Bill and I were married. We stood before a Justice of the Peace, spoke our vows, then went to the public library to return our overdue books.

Wedding 1984

That is much the way our lives have gone ever since. No frills, no fuss...just two people who were meant to meet, love each other, and play out the rest of our lives together. Just as simple as that.

In honor of those twenty-five years, a list of twenty-five events we have shared....

1. Moved to Arlington Heights
2. Bought our first house, a sweet Cape Cod
3. Christopher was born!
4. Bill switched jobs
6. I became Secretary of the Friends of the Library
7. Bought our first (used) car together
8. I lost my mother
9. Bill changed jobs again
10. Moved to Appleton, Wisconsin
11. Max was born!
12. Wanting to get back to Chicago, we started our engineering business
13. Bought our second house, our current cool farmhouse
14. Christopher entered kindergarten
15. Mollie was born!
16. Christopher came home and we began homeschooling our kiddos
17. Tess was born!
18. Spent much time at Fort Myers Beach...dreamed of moving there
19. Built a gazebo and grape arbor for our yard
20. Bill lost his father
21. Bought a new Kia mini-van
22. Closed our engineering business after 17 good years
23. Surprised Bill with a clarinet and lessons to go with it
24. Bill joined the Arlington Heights Community Concert Band
25. Today...went out with Bill to El Toreo's for lunch and then to Aldis

...nothing much has changed...so here's to another 25 years of living our lives simply and, for the most part, with grace and ease. My love to you Bill, now and forever.