Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July Parade Videos

Captured on video, the Arlington Heights Community Concert Band, riding by in this years parade. Seen are: Tess on flute (she is the second flute, near the railing), Robin on bells (in the middle, before the drums), and Bill on bass clarinet (after the first tuba).

They sounded just great, and played a terrific concert at Recreation Park following the parade.

Once again, the library wowed parade goers with their First Place award winning "Reading Railroad". This magnificent "float" began life as a truck! The magic created by the incredibly talented team (which includes the equally talented Christopher!) is beyond words.

How will they ever top this next year? Remember though, I said this last year about their amazing Space Shuttle float....also a First Place winner!

Note the tall, handsome prisoner waving from the back of the train....yep, that's my Max...he's quite a guy...