Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Amazing Gesture From Melissa.....

Recently, after dinner we were discussing our Internet pursuits. I said that I wished that I had a laptop to use in the living room or kitchen. I don't like feeling isolated while on the computer in my office when things are going on downstairs. I like being in the midst of our family life.

Little did I know that this innocent, offhanded comment would, within hours, lead to this.....
New Laptop

Melissa was at the front door bearing the above.....a laptop for me to use while away from my upstairs office. She said that she thought about what I had said after dinner, went home, packed up one of her laptops...including a new digital mouse...and presented it to me.

Shocked...I didn't know what to say...I still don't. Her gesture was wonderful, amazing and generous. Words truly fail. I have been enjoying using this great laptop in just about every room of the house.

That first day, Christopher and I were able to find a recipe for Orange Vinaigrette that I needed for dinner. Rather than run upstairs, do a Google search, print out the recipe, etc. I was able to gather the information when and where I needed it. It was just great.

So, I sit here, again without words, to say thank you my dear for this amazing treat. You are wonderful. Again, this is why I like having this capture, in print and in picture, moments such as this.