Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to Those I Love...and Let us Remember.....

...the point of this blog is to have a keeping place for those things we do with our family and with dear friends. We have done so much during the past few weeks, that we neglect that essential keeping part of this adventure.

Here then, are some of the moments we need to preserve and cherish...

North School Park Annual Tree Lighting....
Tree Lighting at North School Park
Tree Lighting Entrance
Train of Lights
Tree Lighting 2
Tree Lighting

Christopher's annual birthday cat cake...this years decorations compliments of Mollie & Tess...
CK's Cat Cake

First snow...thank you Tess...
First Snow

Lutheran Home Christmas Concert with Tess on flute...
Christmas Concert

Two of Tess's wonderful students at their piano recital....
Tess's Students at Recital

Robin, Mollie & Tess playing their first wedding together with Robin on piano, Mollie on harp & Tess on flute....sorry for the photo, things were moving fast that day! Their music was absolutely enchanting....
Playing First Wedding

Mollie & Tess piano duet at Robin's recital....
Girls at Recital

CHAMPS orchestra concert, Tess on flute & piccolo....
CHAMPS Concert

Christmas Choral Concert that Robin kindly invited us to, with Robin on piano...thank you Robin!....
Christmas Concert Robin invited us to
Robin at Piano

Des Plaines Park District "Artistry in Motion" dance troupe's Christmas performance...fabulous, innovative choreography...
AIM Show 2

Christmas around the house....
Tiny Gifts
Bay Window at Christmas
Gingerbread House
Living Room Lamp
Christmas Post
Christmas Porch
Blue Ornament
Red Truck
2007 Tree
Swirl Ornament
Woolworths Ornament
Christmas Treats

That's all for now. Let's make sure we remember to add to this blog throughout the coming year. Thank you for all that you do. My love forever....