Thursday, November 8, 2007

Holiday Baking Class at Jewel......

The girls and I attended our first ever Jewel grocery store sponsored "Holiday Baking" class last week. I'm not sure what holiday they were shooting for, but it was fun being out with my girls, plus the snacks were good.
Out With My Girls

The bakers were trying hard to keep things together, but ran into lots of, chocolate chips melting together, butter not blending, peanut butter treats separating, crazy type problems...but what the heck, they were doing this in the middle of a grocery store.
Holiday Food Chef

Seven treats were prepared and served, two of which I think we will try to make here at home, and raffles followed each recipe. I think people thought that the fix was in, because out of seven prizes, Mollie and Tess won two. Mollie won a nice apron....
Mollie's Apron

And Tess won the grand finale prize! As life would have it, the prize was two tickets for the Barnum and Bailey Circus....the same circus we already have tickets for this week.

Here is Tess giving an Oscar winning performance of receiving said tickets...doesn't she look appropriately sad?????
Circus Tickets

I don't understand life sometimes. We haven't been to the circus since Max, now 18, was a Cub Scout. This year Bill, the girls and I decided to go. Then Tess wins tickets. This is pretty much a quantum mechanics moment....something strangely and deeply connected....

At any rate, we had them draw another name and in the end, the winner seemed happy to bring home the tickets.

Lastly, our cool, amazing friend Gayle, shared her Affy Tapple, buy one get one free, score with the girls.
Gift from Gayle

She also asked the girls if they would like to work with her on a music project this winter. Life is so, so good on days like this....