Sunday, November 18, 2007

An Afternoon with Christopher......

Having the day off from work, Christopher invited me to join him on an adventure. We drove to a me that is...mall and once there, walked around, looking at expensive stores, sampling wonderful blends of teas and sweet candies.

Then to Christopher's true purpose...seems he has had on his to do list, for some time now, "bring Mom to Johnny Rockets"....a guy after my own heart.
Johnny Rockets
Johnny Rockets is a terrific diner like restaurant, a place where I used to bring a much younger Christopher after trips to the movies. Unfortunately, the restaurant eventually moved out of town, but Christopher located another Johnny Rockets a bit of a drive away, and brought me there today. What a treat, I love this place!

A Vanilla Coke and a plate of French Fries just about made my courtesy of Christopher's iPhone.
Vanilla Coke and French Fries
We also made a mandatory stop at his favorite Apple Store, where he worked a bit on his own blog....Foodbloggin.....
CK at Apple Store

Thank you Christopher for a wonderful afternoon. It's always been great fun going out with you.