Friday, October 16, 2009

"Jonah Returns".....A Short Film Featuring My Brother...

I received this in my email today from my brother, Kalichi who lives and creates in Ireland. The music you hear is his.

As I watched the movie* I thought that I might somehow know this man Jonah. At the movies end, I realized that the man playing Jonah was indeed my big brother, Jimmy/Kalichi.

He looks like my father. Handsome Irishmen the both.

Jonah Returns

Jonah Returns, is a film about a man coming back to Greenore, a unique
railway village on the Cooley peninsula, County Louth, Ireland. In the
1870s, an impressive hotel was built to accommodate the many patrons who
flocked to stay in its 'state of the art surrounds'. Unknown to Jonah, the
hotel was demolished in 2006. His return is marred by sadness, as he
searches the land for past memories of happier times.

This is the first movie project that brings together the creative talent of
3 friends, Kalichi (musician), Philip Darling (art director) and Ken Walsh

The movie was conceived/directed by Philip, music composed by Kalichi, and photography and editing by Ken.