Saturday, May 10, 2008

Springfield Trip - Day 2 - A Serendipitous Find

After leaving the Lincoln Home we drove to Petersburg, where Lincoln's New Salem is located. Rather than have lunch there, we decided to take a chance and see what we might find locally.

Luck was with us as we neared the town square of the lovely little town of Petersburg.
Day 2 - Petersburg Court House

Rounding the square we saw "The Peddlers Antiques" and so we, antiques shop lovers all, decided to stop.
Day 2 - Petersburg Antique Shop
Day 2 - Petersburg Antique Shop - View from Second Floor
Day 2 - Petersburg Antique Shop - Quilt

Leaving the shop, the owner asked if we had lunch yet, and if not, be sure to try the cafe right next door.
Day 2-Oaks on Seventh Cafe 4

We did and were absolutely delighted with what we found there....The Oaks on Seventh proved to be one of the most enjoyable lunches I have ever experienced. The cafe was simple, lovely, relaxing....a place I would spend time in often if it were in my own town...
Day 2-Oaks on Seventh Cafe2
Day 2-Cafe Sandwich Board
Day 2-Oaks on Seventh Cafe 3

The menu was fresh, creative...needless to say we had a very hard time deciding just what to order.....all offerings sounded delicious!
Day 2-Cafe Sandwich Board- Detail

Mollie's Spinach and Strawberry Salad was delicious (thanks for the taste Mol!) and looked beautiful as well....
Day 2-Cafe Amazing Spinach Salad

Bill and I ordered, and split, a delicious three cheese sandwich topped with sauteed pears and grilled on cinnamon bread, as well as a turkey, mozzarella sandwich topped with blackberry sauce and served on artisan bread. Such great flavor combinations....
Day 2-Cafe Turkey with Blackberrys and Cheese with Pears

The grand finale though was their signature dessert, which was a half banana, rolled in puff pastry, covered with cinnamon sugar and served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream....heaven on a plate....
Day 2-Cafe Bananas in Puff Pastry-Best Dessert Ever

We were ready to pack up and move to Petersburg just so that we would enjoy this lovely cafe, wonderful service, inventive food, and fabulous dessert, over and over again!
Day 2-Cafe Bananas in Puff Pastry-Best Dessert Ever 2

In fact, when I returned to the antiques shop to thank the owner for the recommendation I told her just that..and she promptly offered to find us a house there! Such nice, nice people in Petersburg.