Saturday, March 22, 2008

Small Potatoes Concert at the Library

I love when I come across new musical artists who speak not only to my ear and tapping toes, but to my heart as well. Small Potatoes is such a group.

Bill, Robin and I were lucky enough to hear this incredible duo at the Arlington Heights Library this past Sunday. We have been attending performances there for the past twenty years or so and all have been praise worthy. Small Potatoes was the best of the best....AHML choose a winner this time to be sure.

Small Potatoes

Many thanks to Robin, who alerted us to this concert. Robin has long known Jacquie Manning, since her days playing the Renaissance Fairs. She spoke of Jacquie's voice as understatement to be sure. Jacquie and Rich Prezioso are not only skilled musicians, but talented storytellers as well.

I have been listening to their music each day since. Their song Time Flies will be with me always. Thanks Robin for bringing us to the concert and to their wonderful music.